Tuesday, April 22, 2008

General Conference

I'm headed to Fort Worth, TX tomorrow morning for General Conference! I'm pretty excited. It'll be an interesting event, as always. I haven't read many of the petitions coming forth, but there are some major issues. Of course, the staple, homosexuality. But they're also dealing with our relationship to Caterpillar and basically the structure of the UMC. There are evidently several petitions to change jurisdictional lines in the US, to do away with one General Conference and have each country act as its own General Conference, and various other things.

I attended GC four years ago for about 3 days, just as an observer. I'm going probably as an observer again, but as second reserve, I may actually get to sit in on something, depending on how everything works out. I'll be there for a week this time, so hopefully I'll get to see a lot!

I'm planning to get there in time to go to the "Women Delegates' Briefing" and the "Young Adult Delegates' Briefing" tomorrow. I'm interested to see what they say at these, especially the Women's one (mainly b/c there isn't a "Men Delegate's Briefing").

You have to pay for internet at the Convention Center, so I'm probably not going to have access to that. But, I think I'll have access at the hotel at night, so I'll post my thoughts from the day each evening (though, probably very late, because I don't think I'll be getting back to the hotel until after 11pm).

Thank you all who have supported me going! It'll be an adventure!

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