Thursday, April 24, 2008

The beginning of the Legislative Committees

My computer battery is dying because I sucked it up downloading the pdf version of the ADCAs this morning. (Quite ironic that I downloaded them so I wouldn't have to carry the ADCAs, and downloading it has made accessing it impossible!) But, before it kicks the bucket for the evening, I wanted to give a quick update. We're divided into legislative committees. I'm hanging out in Conferences, which is going to deal with a lot of the issues about Jurisdiction/Central Conferences and representation to General Conference. A lot of the issues about ordination that had originally been assigned here have been referred to Higher Ed and Ministry (actually Ministry and Higher Ed...why they switch the name for the committee from what the GA is called is beyond me!)

The first thing the LC does is elect a chair, vice chair, and secretary. For the Conferences, the Chair is a Young Adult and the Secretary is a youth, one of the youth from the young person's address this morning. I think that's kind of interesting...again, in my effort to recognize inequality, even when it's in favor of my particular "agenda" if I can say that. Of the three, all are lay, two are young people and Caucasian (the third is African American, female) One of the people who ran for secretary was an ordained person of Asian background, and I think having her elected would have rounded out the diversity in regards to age, clergy/lay, ethnicity, and gender. Though, I must say, as we've begun, they young adult chair and youth secretary are doing a very good job. I'm impressed!

My plan is to rotate among the legislative committees for my time here. There are, according to the agenda, 11 legislative committee sessions, so I hope to make it to 11 of the 13 LCs.

Alright, the count down to D-Day for my precious Mac is 0:15. So, I believe I will allow her to sleep for the evening and I'll be back on tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of all your blogging!!! I love reading and knowing what is going on.

Unknown said...

Hey there! Always good to hear what's going on. I've got a couple of friends who are blogging and I'm watching the feeds. Thanks for keeping is all in the loop.

gavin richardson said...

rachel i am naming you as queen bee of blogging the gc. keep up the fine work. so should have had you blogging for the methoblog before you left. &:~D