Monday, July 21, 2008


We have our bishop returning. I had heard that we and our sister conference were not pleased with him, and that we all wanted a new bishop. But he was reassigned to our area for four more years.

I did go to his reception, figuring it would probably look bad if I didn't. And when I shook his hand, he actually asked me if I was glad he was returning.

I smiled, paused, and responded "Always."

I'm not a quick thinker. I can never come up with the right response at the right moment. Later, I think of hundreds of things I should have said. Some cordial and appropriate. Some not so much.

"I'm glad you won't be leaving on a bad note."

"I'm glad we'll have four more years to work out our differences." (thanks, Ginny!)

"I'm pleased you'll have four years to try to rebuild the bridges you've burned."

"I hope you'll use your time to engage the youth and young adults you have shut out."

"I'm glad you won't be destroying another conference's youth and young adult ministries."

But what did I say? "Always."

So, here's to "always." Whatever that means.

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