Thursday, September 3, 2009

Learn Something New Day 2

So far I'm two for two! Here's the page:

And here's the picture for the day:

Background: I was trying to create my favorite Close To My Heart color (Garden Green) on my computer because somewhere along the way I received a file with the RGB color combinations for creating them on the computer. Thing was, I had the values, and my computer wanted percentages. I asked a designer friend of mine if she knew how to translate them from value to percentage, and she told me that they are out of 255. I had no idea! But, knowing that, I was able to use my mad algebra skills (sarcasm intended) to translate them into percentages, and you can see the result of my beautiful Garden Green font color above! I used the color to create the journaling blocks that I'm using throughout my book. A very exciting thing to learn!

'Til tomorrow...

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Donna B. Miller said...

I'm so impressed. My math skills are just nill. This class is just so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.