Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Change the Conversation: Blog Action Day

I'm so far behind the times, that it's already 3:45 my time and I'm just getting clued into this. Fairly appropriate for my discussion...

It's Blog Action Day. Don't know much about it, other than that it's an organization that chooses a topic and encourages bloggers around the world to blog about it on one specific day. For 2008, that day is today, and the topic is poverty. 

I went to the website and saw the video. Very intriguing, and moving. It is amazing to think about the power that bloggers have. I often remove myself from that group, because I'm sure I have a small following, if any at all, and I never really say anything of much interest, mostly just ramblings about my affluent life. I'm not an activist. I'm not looking to change the world. I read other's blogs and think, man it would be cool for me to say something that really affected others, but mostly I'm just trying to say something that will affect myself. 

And so, as I'm watching this video, I'm thinking, wow, this is really cool, people blogging about poverty. I should blog about poverty. But what in the world do I know about poverty? I don't advocate change anywhere. I don't volunteer or serve in missions anywhere. I don't do much of anything.

But I know there are others out there who are like me. (Please? Pretty please tell me I'm not alone!) I "dabble" in advocacy, sending an e-mail to a senator for a random cause that catches my eye, sending some money to a cause, usually around Christmas, but I'm by no means passionate about it. I'm much more passionate about what we can learn from Harry Potter, or being obsessed with the latest Twilight news, or having my head stuck in a book.

So, I'm blogging for those of us who haven't thrown ourselves into changing the world, because we're too busy trying to change ourselves, or figure out who we are so we can know if it needs to be changed. I admire others who so passionately devote themselves to a cause and support it whole-heartedly with everything they have. I want to be one of those people when I grow up, and I struggle to not remind myself that I'm already grown up, and I need to get a move-on. 

And I'm blogging because I have to remind myself that I can do what I can do. I can give money, even if it's just at Christmas. I can e-mail a Senator when I think about it, even if it's not once a day, or once a week, or even once a year. I can blog about poverty, and maybe someone who stumbles across my blog will think twice in the next few months before buying a random present for a distant friend, and instead will give the gift of food to a family in that friend's name. I'm blogging to help change the conversation, because that IS something I can do, even if not the most, and even if not the best.

And however small my offering, I can only trust that God will accept it and be pleased. 

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gavin richardson said...

i think God is cool with us. &:~D